7 years ago I made a mistake that I will forever regret.


I thought ‘I’ll just take photos of my new baby on my phone’.


“It’s too much money right now”

“My phone takes good enough photos”

“I’ll get better ones later”

“I don’t want to be in photos with her because I don’t like how I look right now”

All thoughts that I had, 7 years ago when my little girl Maddy was born.


Now all I have of my beautiful firstborns first weeks are some grainy, blurry, low resolution phone photos. I even tried to pose her like the beautiful photos I’d seen online. I threw a towel over the couch, and popped a big pink headband on her tiny baby head. She looked ridiculous. What did I do wrong?


I wish I had hired a professional! I wish I had photos of us both together, even just one of ME looking happy and proud and beautiful, holding my sweet girl. I don’t think there are any of me in her baby book, none on facebook, and certainly none on our walls. How I wish I could go back in time and shake 23 year old me and make her book a professional newborn photoshoot.


7 years later when I fell pregnant with our 3rd son Theo, we got professional maternity photos taken of our family. We all got new outfits for it, I had my hair and make up done and wore a beautiful maternity dress. I felt like a queen the entire day! I cried when I saw the photos. I shared the heck out of them. I have them all over my walls and am so proud of my wee family and happy that I’ll have these memories forever.

Any money that you spend on professional photos of your new baby, or of your family, or even of yourself, in 10 years time you will be so thankful you did!


Don’t live with regret. Don’t be like me! Book your session today.


Natalie xx





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