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Newborn Photography Hamilton

Hamilton Waikato NZ Baby Photoshoots: What to look for when selecting your newborn photographer?

What should you look for when selecting your newborn photographer? Safety – Is newborn photography safe? Newborn safety is my #1 priority during your photoshoot. The photographer or assistants hands are supporting baby at all times while being posed. Babies can startle themselves awake so the utmost care is taken to ensure that your baby …

cute 3 month old baby photo lying on blue blanket asleep with arms up
Newborn Photography Hamilton

Hamilton Baby Photos: My biggest regret as a first time Mum

7 years ago I made a mistake that I will forever regret.   I thought ‘I’ll just take photos of my new baby on my phone’.   “It’s too much money right now” “My phone takes good enough photos” “I’ll get better ones later” “I don’t want to be in photos with her because I …